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Heart-2-Heart Program

Empowering youths in GTA to live wholistically by providing programs and resources that support their spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

Heart-2-Heart: Youth program provides an opportunity to explore areas of life that will lead one successfully into the future. It offers education and physical support, culturally sensitive programming, recreational activities, and other support structures that may be discovered. This program focuses on addressing youth mental health and addictions challenges, youth employment training, as well as, providing cultural and recreational programs and activities. 

Age range: 12-25 years

CONTACT: [email protected]

About Me

Aanii. Salam. Bonjour.

My name is Mehjabeen Abidi and I am currently completing my degree to become an Indigenous social worker with a minor in Law and Justice at Laurentian University. My hope is to continue my education and excel in a Masters degree, specializing in Indigenous intergenerational trauma and resiliency. Indigenous culture and way of life follows a wholistic approach which many First Nation communities refer to as the Medicine Wheel. It allows one to remain in harmony and balance with nature and oneself, as the belief is that “we are all one with all of the elements of Creation”. Incorporating the 7 Grandfather (or Sacred) Teachings of Love, Respect, Bravery, Truth, Honesty, Humility, and Wisdom, provides a person to reach mino pimatisiwin- the good life… the ultimate goal of one’s journey.

I am also a certified NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner with my area of expertise in intergenerational trauma and addictions. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is a strategy for providing one with conquering life’s challenges. In essence, NLP is a method of assisting a person in achieving one’s highest potential, happiness, and peace. NLP is also used to assist people overcome a wide range of challenges, including fears and phobias, stage fright, and challenging preconceived notions about past mistakes, incidents, or failures. This technique may help a person overcome limiting attitudes and beliefs, alleviate stress and anxiety, and create motivation in their lives.

As an educator and practitioner my journey at Play Forever is to introduce a more wholistic and harmonious approach to living on Mother Earth through activities that connect us with the land. As well, to provide support through NLP and hypnosis techniques in order to empower oneself and become successful.

Miigwetch. Thank you.


Truth and Reconciliation Commission

As part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA), on June 1, 2008 a commission was established to document the historical and traumatic events of the Indian residential school system. The intent of the Commission was to unveil the truth of Canadian Indigenous history of the repercussions of residential schools, and compile reports of narrations of personal stories from the survivors throughout Canada. This was an opportunity for the voices of the Indigenous community to be heard. The government promised $60 million towards the compilation of TRC. In June of 2015, the commission completed its summary report and cited 94 calls to action in order to reconcile between Indigenous community and settler government, as well as, redress the historical reality of residential schools. 

The TRC divided the calls to action into two categories of legacy and reconciliation. Legacy was further subdivided into child welfare, education, language and culture, justice, and health, whereas, reconciliation was further categorized into 17 headings. 

The Canadian government promised the Indigenous community that it would implement the 94 calls to action immediately. However, it has been a pathetic pace, where, in 2021, all 94 calls to action are not complete.           

Every individual can do something to help implement the calls to action. From the largest of scale activity to grassroots activities, every intent, purpose, and action contributes to Indigenous trauma awareness, reconciliation, and healing.

PDF of TRC Report: