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Play Forever, is a non-profit organization providing structured and accessible recreation, education & mental health services to the youth of Toronto, Ontario. Play Forever currently serves youth ages 8-29 with weekly programs, primarily focused on helping youth from marginalized communities and low-income families.

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The Founder

Justine Trudeu with Playforever founder Mohammed

Mohammed Al-Salem

Play Forever would not be possible without the work of our incredible board of directors, as well as our phenomenal group of volunteers and mentors!

Founder and Lead Director of Play Forever. Over the past 8 years, He has rapidly progressed within municipal government and community organizations to oversee Community Relations, Community Development, and Communications portfolios.
Mohammed has established a reputation as a natural relationship builder and stakeholder advocate and has played an instrumental role in securing the approvals, public support, and stakeholder buy-in that’s necessary to advance critical projects which in turn, improves community well-being. He has a record of forging community partnerships and activating corporate sponsors to achieve community/organizational goals for Play Forever.

Mohammed considers himself a motivating and engaging manager with a history of leading teams of staff and volunteers to execute performance and program delivery goals.


The members who make up our team at Play Forever and serve on the Board of Directors all play a vital role in making sure that the heart of GTA keeps on beating. Their dedication to our mission is what has allowed us to provide life-changing programming and services for over 100 Youth in Greater Toronto Area.


Sahal Abdi

Said Abdi

Kenny Au

Ayanle Omar

Adam Osman

Ahmed Osman

Anthoine Walters

Malik Cox

Mohammad Ali Abidi

Hamud Mbaarak

Dawood Akhtar

Nabil Jama


Multiple communities creating healthy and vibrant communities where youth can grow and prosper in a safe and active environment.


To provide free accessible and structured recreation education and mental health services to youth. Through collaboration and partnerships, we aim to go beyond youth services and expense to providing resources to senior, and marginalized neighborhoods. To keep youth healthy, active, and safe in marginalized neighborhoods, empowering them to play forever.


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