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Firstly, the overwhelming majority of programs, services and events Play Forever executes for both its youth and volunteers are without cost. Second, there is zero cost to joining Play Forever. All we ask for in return is a team-player mentality with a willingness to learn and grow!
Absolutely! Play Forever runs resume workshops throughout the year to assist you in tailoring and designing job resumes for potential employers. Play Forever is currently in the midst of working on a big project to bridge the gap of local youth unemployment. Stay tuned!
Definitely! Play Forever gives ample opportunity to its volunteers and mentors to earn community hours. Whether it be for high school requirements or to simply enhance your work resume, we can ensure that you will be covered!
From top to bottom, we persistently make one thing clear. Play Forever would not exist without its huge team of volunteers and mentors. They are our lifeblood and backbone in all that we accomplish. By the same token, our board of directors — an incredible, diverse team responsible for planning, managing and directing all programs and services — are indispensable to this organization.

Awesome! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Our contact email is [email protected] for all general inquiries.